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LoopUp Full-stack software engineer

My current role is working on a new web client for LoopUp’s core product of business audio conferencing with screenshare that on completion will be delivered to all their customers. My responsibilities include working with product and QA to build new features, making architectural decisions, reviewing others work and writing test fixtures for the new product.
June 2016 — Present

Bitnami Full-stack software engineer

Worked on several project including the front facing website for Bitnami with the application market place as well as their “Launchpad” market places for individual cloud vendors for Google, Amazon and CenturyLink. My responsibilities include developing new features, fixing regressions, writing tests for products, architectural design of subsystems and interacting with internal customers to work on product specifications.
September 2015 — May 2016

Cresset Software engineer

Worked on the OpenCL implementation of XedTools, a product for conformer generation and ligand minimisation on large scales (over millions molecules). Ran a project to implement molecule structure minimisation using the Merck Molecular Force Field. Worked on Cresset products Forge, Blaze and Spark for the May 2015 release.
October 2014 — July 2015


An aside: after some years in tech it starts getting tedious listing every language, tool, framework, design pattern etc. that you have used but here we go, I've probably missed some:

Current AWS, Bash/Shell, CSS/HTML, CoffeeScript, Docker, ES6, Git, JavaScript, Linux, REST APIs, React, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Scss/Sass, Vim
Previous C, C++, CenturyLink Cloud, GCP, GoLang, Haskell, Java, Lua, Make, OpenCL, PHP, Python, Qt, SVN, Unity, VHDL


Sandboxy Ruby, Docker

Ruby CLI program to batch run small programs in sandboxed containers, supporting several different languages. Programs can be run against a set of test suites to check the programs behaviour. I made this to check applicant coding questions.

Image Hash Go, Rust

A CLI program to identify images by a content hash, with concurrent batch processing of folders of images and printing the content hash of each images. Implemented independently in Go and in Rust (mainly to learn and compare the languages).


University of Bristol Computer Science MEng

Master of Engineering Degree, First-class Honours

2010 — 2014

Hills Road Sixth Form College A-Levels

A*AAA in Electronics, Maths, Further Maths and Physics

2008 — 2010